• Reviewed by:   on: //2023
    Has anyone try Ied the peking duck?
  • Reviewed by: matt  on: //2022
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  • Reviewed by: iamritjain  on: //2022
    We appreciate how much your post has helped us.
  • Reviewed by: libbydobson1953  on: //2021
    Ordered Broccoli in Oyster Sauce. Broccoli was barely cooked in watery liquid, not oyster sauce. Very bland...awful. Called the restaurant and was told "that's how it is cooked now." Not worth $9.95 plus tax. Last visit to this restaurant.
  • Reviewed by: obramlett44e  on: //2021
    We moved here after living in San Francisco for 36 years where we enjoyed good Asian food. Our expectations for Asian food in Aiken were pretty low. We have been pleasantly surprised with some of the dishes here ranging from their hot sour soup which they make from scratch daily to their tofu dishes. The other dishes we have ordered have been fine as well. Remember, we’re in South Carolina. One real plus is, if you do take out, the food is packed carefully to avoid leakage and spills. In other words, they took the time to do a good job preparing the food and also cared enough to package it carefully for a transport home. This is a place we need to support with our business.
  • Reviewed by: betsyann_88021  on: //2020
    After searching for on line ordering, and totally disgusted by pay $99 and we will deliver? I found Jade of China!!! I am so glad I searched. The most delicious spring rolls I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying!!! I also ordered an entree of Beef and Broccoli. This, was by far, the best Chinese food I have EVER had!!! I will be a habitual patron, and can honestly say, the courtesy and food were EXCELLENT! The quality and quantity were amazing!!! My number 1 choice ! Thank You for the wonderful experience!
  • Reviewed by: santoshsahupimr1921  on: //2020
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  • Reviewed by: juliecknight87  on: //2020
    My first and probably my last visit. Food was “ok”. But staff was rude. Would not honor their coupon because I didn’t know it had to be asked for when I called it in. Spent almost 50.00 and they would not honor either coupon. I realize they are about the only Chinese restaurant open during this time but definitely not worth it.
  • Reviewed by: dimahu35  on: //2019
    Oh yeah, to the person who ate lemon pepper chicken on 8/1/2019, they haven't been there this long without reason. They are packed many times but most people get take out. They are probably more upset that you didn't bring it back after reading this because they would want you to be happy. They are one of the few restaurants that honestly care about their food and their patrons. How do you know they were not training a new cook ? I think they deserve a second chance by all who have complained. Tell them what happened before.
  • Reviewed by: dimahu35  on: //2019
    I have eaten at this Jade of China for a little over 25 years. I realized it has changed hands but the food has not changed much at all. I love the people who work here and the food as well. Very friendly staff and only twice in all those years have I've gotten something not so great. Not overjoyed when broccoli overwhelms a dish. I wish I could say I only made two mistakes in the last 25 years. The first time I had food undesirable they were so sweet and kind and wanted to help. Many places aren't like that anymore. Very disappointed in some of the comments that I read. Because I've no doubt this restaurant would have done whatever they could have to make you happy. Maybe you are seeking free food??
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