• Reviewed by: Rhester1217  on: 30/12/2015
    I do not understand why people feel the need to say ugly things about everything. This restaurant is good, clean, and LOCALLY owned. Their cheese wontons are just fine, their Mongolian Beef is fantastic. It you cook Chinese food better ...then stay home and cook it.
  • Reviewed by: fzirps  on: 23/04/2015
    Our family loves the Jade of China. We eat here regularly. The staff are very friendly and they try to accommodate all requests. I try to keep sodium low and they help with that. The owners are terrific and the food is great and a good value. It is a gem in Aiken!
  • Reviewed by: Math7th  on: 21/03/2015
    My husband and I have eaten here for the past two years every weekend. The people are friendly and extremely nice. The food is delicious!! The prices are very reasonable. We consider it the best restruant in Aiken!!!
  • Reviewed by: colejewel  on: 17/05/2014
    ALWAYS delicious and perfect! We have been going to J of C for years now and have been to many Chinese restaurants over the years. By far the Jade is the best! Food is fresh, hot, delicious. The serve staff is polite and works hard. True, we miss Vivian, too. However, she does work on Sundays some. I disagree that the food has gone down in quality. We were there as recently as last Sunday and it was a delicious, enjoyable meal. You cannot go wrong with a good meal at the Jade of China.
  • Reviewed by:   on: 03/12/2009
    No idea why the people here think Jade of China has a buffet, it never has. You must be thinking of another restaurant. The food is delicious, and as somebody else mentioned the sweet tea is the best around. The cheese wontons are the best I've ever had. I recommend the Hunan Chicken.?
  • Reviewed by:   on: 07/07/2009
    The host spoke english well and was very friendly. The atmosphere is nice and relaxing without being dark like some places try to do. However, the fried wonton's had no meat inside them...the host said people around here just were eating the shells and not the meat....what's wrong with people in this town? Secondly the chicken being used in the dish i ordered is poor quality, it seemed like overcooked dark meat, and i hoped it was actually chicken. OH and the fired rice was plain and hard, not very good. Rather sad and i know places are having a hard time right now but this supposedly being the best chinese place in town they should no skimp on the quality of food.?
  • Reviewed by:   on: 20/04/2009
    Jade of China is an excellent restaurant! It has quality food and service.No buffets here; food is delivered in a timely manner and is always fresh and delicious. We've been dining here for years and have never been dissatisfied! 10 stars if possible!!?
  • Reviewed by:   on: 28/07/2007
    This is a typical chinese restaurant in atmosphere and menu. The owners and staff provide very good and consistent service.?
  • Reviewed by:   on: 11/01/2007
    They always keep fresh food out on the buffet and have a pretty good variety. Even when you eat off the menu you get a very good portion of food and it's always good. The staff has come to recognize my little entourage and they welcome ...?
  • Reviewed by:   on: 30/07/2006
    This place has excellent food. we have been eating here for about 5 years now & we have absolutely no complaints. the service is wonderful & the atmosphere is very genuine. i havent ate chinese food this good in a very very long time. ...?
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