• Reviewed by: juliecknight87  on: //2020
    My first and probably my last visit. Food was “ok”. But staff was rude. Would not honor their coupon because I didn’t know it had to be asked for when I called it in. Spent almost 50.00 and they would not honor either coupon. I realize they are about the only Chinese restaurant open during this time but definitely not worth it.
  • Reviewed by: dimahu35  on: //2019
    Oh yeah, to the person who ate lemon pepper chicken on 8/1/2019, they haven't been there this long without reason. They are packed many times but most people get take out. They are probably more upset that you didn't bring it back after reading this because they would want you to be happy. They are one of the few restaurants that honestly care about their food and their patrons. How do you know they were not training a new cook ? I think they deserve a second chance by all who have complained. Tell them what happened before.
  • Reviewed by: dimahu35  on: //2019
    I have eaten at this Jade of China for a little over 25 years. I realized it has changed hands but the food has not changed much at all. I love the people who work here and the food as well. Very friendly staff and only twice in all those years have I've gotten something not so great. Not overjoyed when broccoli overwhelms a dish. I wish I could say I only made two mistakes in the last 25 years. The first time I had food undesirable they were so sweet and kind and wanted to help. Many places aren't like that anymore. Very disappointed in some of the comments that I read. Because I've no doubt this restaurant would have done whatever they could have to make you happy. Maybe you are seeking free food??
  • Reviewed by: staffordshirepoodles  on: //2019
    HORRIBLE! The lemon chicken was battered over dried out chicken product and the sauce was tasteless. The pot stickers were so thick we had to peel the pork out of them. We had also ordered Mongolian Beef but it tasted sweet-too sweet. Staff very nice and polite but I should have known that it was a lousy restaurant as no one was in it! We threw the lemon chicken away because it was inedible, the same with the pot stickers. Plain rice was okay. Will NEVER eat here again.
  • Reviewed by: xginny123  on: //2019
    I just picked up a to go order. For many years I have always received top notch food from Jade of China. This order was not edible. The fried chicken in the almond chicken was so hard I literally could not bite it. Even after soaking it in the gravy for quite some time. And the gravy was strangely LUMPY. My husband got shrimp fried rice that had TWO shrimp total. I AM JUST HIGHLY DISAPPOINTED.
  • Reviewed by: francescaprengax  on: //2019
    Make a delivery option! We love your food!
  • Reviewed by: akmad  on: //2019
    Please open a Jade of China in Boiling Springs near Spartanburg! We love your food! We ate there when we lived in Aiken and we still eat when we can come back to visit. Fabulous food and service!
  • Reviewed by: flangar114  on: //2019
    I just picked up my order less than an hour ago. Egg rolls were great, pad Thai was berry good flavor but noodles were quite the point of being chewy. I have ordered this previously and it was perfect, I think the cook may have misjudged the noodles this time. Rather disappointing...
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